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There are a lot of myths about weight loss. Most people are unaware of how weight loss really works. People struggle throughout their life to keep their weight in check. They exercise, starve themselves, take harmful medicines, deprive themselves of vital nutrients and put themselves under immense mental stress but are still not able to achieve weight loss.

Understand one thing, weight loss is a vague concept. When you stand on the scale, it shows your weight which can vary depending on what you’re wearing. The number on the scale does not differentiate between hair, organs, muscles, water, blood, bones, fat, undigested food all of which contributes towards your weight at that moment. After all the scale just measures the gravitational force of the earth acting on you. Just because you’d weigh 1/6th on the moon doesn’t mean your body will change?

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When we think of weight loss, what we really want is to lose the excess fat that our body has stored. So we should be aiming for fat loss, or even better at achieving and maintaining a healthy fat level in our bodies. If we happen to gain muscle or water level during fat loss then its even better! Such gain builds immunity and increases our strength. Its excessive amount of fat that makes one lethargic and susceptible to infections.

Also, muscles are much denser than fats, so even if muscle gain increases your total body weight, if you achieve fat loss simultaneously, you’ll look fitter due to the inch loss and feel fresh and energetic! As we grow old, our body’s tendency to store fat too increases, so when you lose fat, you start looking younger than other people of your age and due to the inch loss, you’ll also fit into your old clothes!

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