Online Consultation

For many clients who would like to consult Dnyanada but are unable to visit clinic, she also offers online consultations.




Client is asked to fill an online form with details about their food habits, schedule, health conditions and what are their expectations/goals.

An initial phone call is made over which the first diet plan is finalized, also any questions / doubts are answered.


Typically a diet plan is for 2 weeks post which the progress is reviewed to confirm that the patient is on right track and is comfortable with the plan. Based on this, a new diet chart is prepared so that it does not get monotonous. Without periodic checks & changes, the desired results are not seen. During this period of two weeks, any queries or difficulties are answered over email / Whatsapp.

Once the desired goals are met, I also teach clients how to choose their own diet for maintaining their health without my support.


The diet plans are tailormade for the clients needs and goals and are created to with minimal changes to their existing habits and eating patterns.

Diets involve almost no packaged foods or supplements, no special medication is prescribed. Local / home-made food is always given priority as such charts are easy to follow and easy to maintain later on.

A variety of outside eating options, or detailed diet recipes according to client’s needs are also suggested.