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Dnyanada is practicing as a Dietician for 14+ years, earlier in Mumbai and since last 10 years in Pune. Have handled more than 40,000 patients of all kinds from little children to senile people and from comatose patients to athletes.

Her approach of putting nourishment first has led to patients not just losing weight but gaining overall health. People have experienced feeling energetic, improved strength & immunity, better looks (skin/hair etc), and improvements in chronic ailments.

Unlike followers of fad diet, her patients find it easy to maintain weight and health with minimal efforts. The guidance also makes them aware so that they can take wise food decisions in all circumstances. Also, unlike vague methods that people pick from internet/magazines/friends her advice is made considering the patients specific conditions like their age, body type, schedule, habits, preferences, medical history etc.

The general approach is very positive and health-centric rather than weight loss centric (weight loss is just a byproduct of healthy diet), this adds liveliness in day-to-day life.

She doesn’t just handle cases for weight loss/gain, but has also treated patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, hypertension as well as pregnant/lactating/menopausal stage women. Many of Pune’s top physicians refer their cases to her for dietary advice.

Educational Qualifications

    • Completed her graduation (B.Sc.) in Bio-technology from Mumbai University in 2005.



  • Post graduate diploma in Dietetics offered by the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) . Stood first in the state in the final examination of this diploma.
  • Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from Tulip Institute(affiliated to GCTA, Australia) where she
    ranked 2nd in the final examination.
  • Diploma in Naturopathy, from College of Naturopathy, Thane.
  •  Featured Interview in Sandhyanand and Aaj Ka Anand Newspapers
  •  Nutrition’s effect on various psychiatric disorders – Muktangan, Pune
  •  Geriatric Nutrition (Diet for Senior citizen) – Vividhbharati radio
  •  General Nutrition – Radio Mirchi, Pune
  •  Diet Cooking – Khavaiya Show, Zee Marathi
  •  Effects of Probiotics – Article in Sakaal Times
  •  Women’s health – Udyogini Magazine

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