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Being healthy and happy shouldn't be hard. We make it easy with customised, easy-to-follow and sustainable diet plans

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She is amazing and I am following her from last one and half years and I have great results. I have reduced 30 kg. It's not at all fad diet. Most importantly we will not get bored with her diet. Thanks a lot Ma'am for your support.

Rajashree Deshmane

If you are looking out for healthy weight loss then you are in the right place. You not only lose weight but also inculcate healthy eating habits. I am so happy with the results. Thanks to you Ma'am for being so kind and explaining the importance of healthy eating habits.

Kshitija Barate

Dnyanada Chitale - Pusalkar

Deititian, Nutritionist and Health Coach

With a PG degree in Dietetics and diplomas in Nutrition and Dietetics, and Naturopathy, Dnyanada has over 14 years of practice experience & close to 100% success rate. She has helped thousands of overweight patients get into good health and shape. Not only does she handle cases for weight loss/gain, but has also treated patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, hypertension as well as pregnant/lactating/menopausal stage women.


When a patient visits, we first take up a detailed medical history as well as their physical parameters (height, weight, body composition analysis). Also their particular schedules, liking, limitations etc are noted. 

Then, with the patient’s involvement, Dnyanada designs a diet plan with minimal changes to their existing habits and eating patterns. Usually the initial plan is for 2 to 3 weeks. 

In the next visit, all the parameters are measured again, and based on the results, further changes are made to the diet plan. Typically patients visit twice a month till they reach their goals.

On reaching their goals, patients are taught to maintain their health and plan their own diets. This involves explanations regarding how to plan their meals, what and how much to eat, what red flags to avoid etc. Patients are encouraged to keep checking their parameters atleast once every 3-4 months.


During consultations, all the issues like what to do when away, what to eat out, eating during functions/weddings/parties etc are discussed and answered.

Patients are also explained why their diet is planned in a particular way because when they understand, they follow better.

Patients are always in touch via emails/calls in case of any queries or discomfort. So they always have support & guidance from Dnyanada.



No medicines prescribed


No packaged foods or supplements


No exercise required as part of the diet (although any physical activity can be incorporated if patient prefers it)


No fixation with kilos lost, we are aiming for good health and energetic feeling, numbers follow automatically


No expensive foreign superfoods, only traditional foods that people are used to


Want to try some recipes straight out of Dnyanada's books?

To overcome the dearth of high-quality nutritious packaged food options without added preservatives/colors, Dnyanada has teamed up with Rustik Paushtiq to bring you ready-to-cook products with the perfect balance of nutrition and taste.

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For many clients who would like to consult Dnyanada but are unable to visit clinic, we also offer online consultations.

The consultations can take place over e-mail, phone call and Whatsapp